Soothing that itchy hound!

Dog grooming halesowen

Here are some of my simple and natural suggestions I would use to help soothe your itchy hound. The dogs’ skin prefers a slightly acid pH in order to reduce the harm caused by the natural pathogens that it comes into contact with. If the skin is not suitably acidic, these pathogens start their work […]

Videos – the A1 Grooming experience

I am proud to say that the first videos of the A1 Grooming experience have been successfully completed and are available to view! I have decided to ramble on to explain the process in all the videos. there are 5 in there series – each one for each stage. Pre groom Washing Drying Styling Finishing […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas approaching fast, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on gifts for your beloved pooch.   1. Collars and leads. For something bespoke , long lasting and easy to maintain and clean regularly, why not the luxury of a light weight, padded leather collar? You can specify colours, style, sparkly gems […]

On Reflection………

December has arrived and for us groomers’ this month will be a hard month as everyone wants their dogs’ looking wonderful for Christmas. AND so they should! Over the last few weeks I have had more time to do the all so important maintenance of blades and equipment and also to do some reflecting. As […]

Steps to do Restraint free grooming

Question: How do you manage to do restraint free grooming? My approach to restraint free grooming is to allow the dog to become familiar with the environment and the premises without any verbal interruption or handling.   This can take up to 20 mins depending on the personality of the dog. Some settle very quickly and […]

Diet -what to feed your dog.

This is still a very open question, indeed the media has us all hyped up with this question. As a dog owner myself, I have been through the mill of commercial foods such as Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Purina, Chappie etc Eventually I converted to giving my dogs a diet that mimics more what they would eat […]

Aggression in dogs

Dealing with aggressive dogs is becoming more common for groomers today.  I myself have been involved with trying to tame the beast on the grooming table on several occasions this week and I must say it is increasing as time goes on. To state the obvious, there is the risk of being bitten, for us […]

Free Microchip Scan!

Pets that have been micro chipped can easily be reunited with their owners if the worst should happen. Here in the UK, you can have your dog micro chipped for FREE courtesy of the Dogs Trust. All dogs that come to A1 Grooming, will be scanned and their details linked to their owners’ details. If […]

Clean and Healthy Pets

It’s nice to hear that some of my customers are able to recognize other dogs who have been to A1 Grooming. “It’s easy, you can tell by how the dogs’ hair looks and moves, so I just went to the owner and asked her if she had her dog groomed by Tim at A1 Grooming….” […]