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It’s nice to hear that some of my customers are able to recognize other dogs who have been to A1 Grooming.

“It’s easy, you can tell by how the dogs’ hair looks and moves, so I just went to the owner and asked her if she had her dog groomed by Tim at A1 Grooming….”

My secret is chemical free, nourishing soap made by Willow & Plum Soap Company. All of the products are hand made with natural ingredients and are chemical and Palm oil free, making them safe to use on humans and pets with the peace of mind that you are not irritating the skin, but nourishing it!

A1 Grooming saw the immediate business benefits and have never looked back.

Financially there is a huge saving – no need for shampoo, conditioner, fixing and finishing sprays / products. The soap lasts for many washes and is just placed under the UV light for sterilizing after each dog.

Drying times are reduced due to the wonderful deep conditioning from the natural ingredients which also provides a greater protection from static. Finally when it comes to cutting and styling the coat, your equipment will stay sharper and it becomes easier to control the coat.

As a qualified groomer, I want all grooming businesses & pet owners to try this soap. – we have been able to use it on other pets too with great success – rabbits, cats, horses (typically they need more than one bar of soap!)



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