Best Dog Clippers

Choosing the best dog grooming clippers (whether you’re a pro or grooming your dog) is extremely important for anyone who needs to manage their dog’s coat regularly. Dog clippers need to provide a suitably high running speed to make sure that the blades can periodically (all the time) cut the dog hair with (almost nothing/very […]

Best Dog Stroller

Best Dog pushchair

Find out why you need a dog pushchair You know it all too well. With a young energetic dog on its own, walking is more of an adventure than anything else. Sure the walks are fun and engaging but there’s always that one thing (or five) that will ruin every pleasant walk you look forward […]

Best dog nail clippers | Our round up of the best available

Best dog nail clippers guide

Dog nail Clippers – Our guide to the best dog nail clippers available anywhere The importance of clipping your dog’s toenails cannot be understated. In decades past, when dogs spent more time outdoors, running and playing on various types of hard surface – their nails were gradually worn down. Where nails used to be worn down, […]

Cool dogs.. Reducing heat in dogs

Protect your dog from Summer heat  With the warmer climate now arriving, keeping our dogs in top condition is essential for making sure they do not overheat or allow their skin to be exposed to too much sunlight. Understanding how dogs cool themselves is important and is often compared to how we cope with the […]

A customers point of view

Reasons why I chose a top end grooming service As with our children, we want what’s best for them, even if sometimes the cost is a little pricey. For my dog, I have realised that it’s not much different. I have found that going cheap does not pay – in fact it just adds more expense. […]

Grooming for Zook an older dog with disabilities

Grooming for older dogs and those with disabilities is a great way to promote good circulation and manage the hygiene.  Fate always rewards those who work hard and are sincere and genuine, this is certainly how I felt when I received a phone call from the owner of Zook – a local legend. Zook is […]

Want to know more about A1 grooming? read our recent Q&A

With care, for your beloved pet! A1 Grooming is a company that makes a difference in grooming services. They never use collars, straps or muzzles during the grooming process. Rather, they use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure the experience is both positive and rewarding.   —   Cylex 1. How long will the grooming service […]

Soothing Oatmeal soap by Willow & Plum Soap Co.

  Oatmeal has always been a good ingredient for soothing the itch factor mentioned in my previous article’- soothing that itchy hound.  Have it in your soap, it will make you soft!  In soap, oatmeal acts as a very mild exfoliating agent that leaves you feeling smooth. Oatmeal soap is believed to help with various […]

Advice on wasp / bee stings for dog owners

Bee Stings  You may witness your dog being stung—for instance, your dog was chasing a bee or maybe he walked into a patch of clover where bees were hanging out. If he was stung on the nose or ears, those areas may swell even if your dog does not have an allergic reaction. Or he […]

Itchy Scratchy Dog? The Reasons

I am often asked is why is my dog itch so much? Firstly, there is the reason for the itchiness. Parasites – fleas, ticks, worms, etc cause the dog to scratch and move about. Ticks are particularly nasty as the slowly poison the blood causing lethargy. During the spring and fall (autumn) moths, it is […]