Christmas Gift Ideas


With Christmas approaching fast, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on gifts for your beloved pooch.


1. Collars and leads.

For something bespoke , long lasting and easy to maintain and clean regularly, why not the luxury of a light weight, padded leather collar? You can specify colours, style, sparkly gems from a range of colours. It can reflect a favourite football team, nationality, regiment or team – these Para wings are the ones made for my hounds.

2. Dog Beds.

I have these beds for my dogs. After  many years of having to buy new beds for each of my 3 dogs every couple of months, I discovered Tuffies Dog Beds. The ones I have are waterproof but also breathe so no condensation or padding dampness, tough and not nice to chew or scratch apart, and so comfortable and supportive with their rolled cotton padding. I also have thick fleece covers that are machine washable and quick drying. Other dog owners have said the beds have lasted longer than their dogs!

Some breeds of dogs may prefer a snuggle wrap as an alternative to a blanket. A breed that comes to mind is the Hungarian Vizsla. The creation of what is called a dog cave is fabulous!

3. Dog treats.

Hand made dog biscuits that are made with plain ingredients for even the most sensitive of tummies try the Klassy Canine company .

Another company that makes natural products for your dog that I use is The Antler Dog Chews. They have a great range of products from biscuits to natural antlers for your dogs to clean their teeth on. They last for ages and are odourless. Easy to clean too!

4. Dog Coats.

The most important thing with finding a coat for your dog is to make sure it is well fitting. Make sure that the fastners are not in contact with your dogs fur, this includes zips – make sure the zip does not come in contact with your dog. I prefer the quality and design of HURTTA dog coats for mine. they fit well and have in built reflective parts. They are now in their 3rd year of use.

5. Harnesses

Harnesses are either decorative – fashion alternatives to a collar ( remember make sure you have a collar on your dog with tags even if you are using a harness – its the Law!). These are perhaps not something I recommend because there has been very little thought in their designs that reflect that they can control your dog in the right way and they also can cut into your dog. Or they are specifically designed for either pulling or controlling your dog. I have harnesses from Ruffwear. The range is very comprehensive and have some wonderful colours and designs. My dogs love to wear their harnesses.

6. Boot protector

A business based in Stourport, makes a great boot protector that is light and durable. It is custom fitted to your boot to maximise all the area available for use. Beasue it is custom fitted and moulded, there is no need to glue or screw into your vehicle. Their range also includes linings and also a clear, ventilated rear screen that helps to keep your dogs dirt in the boot. This is currently installed in my vehicle and has lasted for years.

7. Tail Gate guard.

For a metal custom made Tailgate guard for your car that uses your cars existing fittings – Barjo is a UK based business providing crates, cages and guards. Again I have this for my vehicle and is a must when transporting dogs.

8. A crate alternative…

I have found and use a metal Crufts pen for zoning my dogs in the house. also to help isolate a sick or injured dog from the others when necessary. It consists of panels that slot together making it easy to store and add to if you need to increase the area. For those who breed litters, it is also used as a whelping box.

9. Dog Clippers

Choosing the right clippers is essential when cutting your dogs coat. We have written a round-up of our favourite dog clippers and assembled a list of clippers that we recommend. They will make a great Christmas present for either your dog or for a dog owner that you know. Read our full dog clippers guide.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year!


Tim K.



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