About us



A1 Dog Grooming has had over 15, 000 clients and counting.

percent success rate

A1 Grooming has a perfect track record without using restraints!


We have been dog behavioral specialists for the last 9 years.


We have been accredited dog groomers for the past 4 years.

A brief history overview of A1 Grooming

Find out where we started and where we are today.
  • March 2011 A new addition to the family

    My life changed as I became a dog owner! My Hungarian Vizsla "Ryden" Joined the family and my journey into understanding the canine world started. Later that year, my Ridgeback girls made the pack become 3!
  • August 2011 Training begins

    Courses on Canine behavior, Training and Dog grooming started.
  • 2012 Training and behavior services

    We open our doors and begin dog training and behavior services.
  • 2013 A company is born

    The Launch of A1 Grooming - and became a member of the British Dog Groomers Association UK
  • July 2014672 customers and counting

    Our 500th Customer joined the A1 Grooming Family!
  • January 2016 A new direction

    A1 Grooming Courses are made available
  • February 2016 A new addition

    A new Groomer Joins to help with the 15000+ customers