About us

Providing the finest restraint free grooming and styling service in the West Midlands



Our company

We are dog groomers with a difference. We never use collars, straps or muzzles during the grooming process. We use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure the experince is both positive and rewarding. 

Our environment and facilities are excellent. With air conditioning, sterile and safe working tools ensuring a calm environment. Patience, treat, hugs and kisses are all that is needed.

Our Mission

To provide a high quality grooming service without the use of any restraints or muzzles where the health of the dog comes first.

By ensuring that our products are free from chemicals and alcohols, we can ensure that only the gentlest and kindest natural, organic & Vegan approved ingredients are used.

Our Passion

Our Passion is Dogs, regardless of breed or temperament. To be able to relate to them and understand them as individuals and be able to improve their quality of life, be it through grooming, training, rehabilitation or just hanging out together.