Creating the right style for your dog with our Professional or Show grooming service, your dog will get a unique and bespoke design.

Careful consideration is given to your dogs grooming style. We work closely with you and your dog. We will consider how much grooming you are prepared to do each day, as a rule the more fancy and longer the style, the more effort is required on a daily basis.

The other consideration is what kind of lifestyle do you and your dog have? If it is mainly urban walks, pavement walks if you like, this will suit a longer show style as less dirt and muck will be found on your dog.

If your dog enjoys an active style running in the mud and grass, a shorter more manageable style will be appropriate.

The younger the dog, the shorter the style as being active is the main priority. It will also help you to manage those dirty post walk chores.

We always ensure that we use the best dog clippers for your breed and size of dog. This is important to ensure that both you and your dog have very best grooming experience possible.

An experienced groomer will consider the proportions of your dog in main blocks. The skill is to be able to visually balance the dog as well as giving a focal point in each block. Balance and flow should be seen to show both the breed standard and the uniqueness or individuality of the dog.


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The A1 Difference?
"They're more than just dog groomers"


The premier Dog grooming Birmingham Service.

So what makes A1 Grooming the right choice for you and your beloved dog? 

Every dog is individually assessed – from behavioral needs to skin, coat and grooming style.

Bespoke treatments are made to fortify and enhance the dog and capture the individual uniqueness of the breed and personality.

This tailor made service ensures that the very best is enhanced and captured. The finish defines a healthy and unique look for your beloved dog.

We only serve one dog at a time, making sure that our full attention is on making sure your dog is calm and relaxed. We do not use crates, restraints or straps.

We also use high-quality ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax to make sure your dog is looking its best!

Don’t settle for less for your precious dog; give them the grooming that they deserve. You won’t regret it.



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Prior to an appointment

Before every dog grooming Birmingham appointment, all equipment is sterilised and made clean and hygienically safe. This includes all equipment, grooming tools, the bathing area, drying area, outside area and walkways. It is A1 Grooming’s policy that only one owners’ dogs are on site at any time, no crates, restraints and lots of dogs at one time. This is our ethos here and is non-negotiable!

The introduction

No matter how many times a dog has visited, the same process is used to introduce your dog to the A1 grooming experience. Your dog is allowed to roam free and investigate the grooming area without interruption or human intervention. Typically no vocalisation is done during this stage as your dog will be concentrating on their investigation of the area. Once the dog is ready, they will introduce themselves to me, signaling that they are happy to continue.

Health check

Each groom starts with a health check. This is essential to identify any abnormalities such as skin warts, tags, cuts, foreign matter – be it fleas, or vegetation. It also enables the dog to get used to my touch and for me to promote a feeling of well being rather than panic!

Pre groom

Removal of matted fur and tangles. Knots removed and where possible hair saved for styling later. Sterilised specialist bladed combs and equipment help to save as much coat as possible if a finishing style is to be done.

Pre wash

Filtered warm water is used to soak your dog before chemical free soaps and conditioners are applied to remove the dirt and grease from the coat. Ingredients such as tea, bicarbonate of soda, fresh lemon and apple cider vinegar help to remove dirt.


Palm & chemical free soaps with organic pesticide free ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, Aloe Vera & vitamin E are combined with herbs, fruits, berries and essential oils to create a thick creamy paste like lather, rich in vitamins and oils to condition and nourish the skin and hair.

Rinse and conditioner

Clean, filtered water (free from chlorine and lime) is used to rinse off the creamy lather. Another layer of aloe vera and shea & coconut butter is applied without expense, to ensure the coat and skin are properly protected during the drying stage.


After removing any excess water, clean towels are warmed and wrapped around your dog. Hand massaging with the warm towels helps to calm and soothe, before the introduction of warm air from the dryers are introduced.

Finishing dry

The warm air is gently passed through the coat, through a comb as each hair is combed through very fine teeth and an anti static & aloe vera spray is dried into the coat. When both the hair and skin are completely dry, a cooling air is then used to make sure the dog has not over heated and to avoid heat spots or rash.


The finest blades and equipment are sterilised before use. Razor sharp, titanium and carbonised stainless steel blades are used to create the desired look. Nails are cut as required and ear hair is removed prior to cleaning. Teeth are treated with a natural gel containing tea tree oil, aloe vera and mint. Any hard plaque is scraped off.

Finishing touches

Warm air is used to blow out any remaining cut hair from the coat and ribbons, bows and decorative items are now positioned and placed. Cologne or perfume is dried into the coat before a finishing layer of bees wax is applied for the shine.

Puppy grooming

A1 Grooming provide and offer a tailored and exclusive puppy grooming Birmingham service. We will reduce anxiety in your puppy. we never use restraints. We never use muzzles. Find out more.
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