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Best dog clippers

Dog Clippers – Our roundup up of the best dog clippers available today

Choosing the best dog clippers for dog grooming (whether you’re a professional or grooming your own dog) is essential for anyone who needs to manage their dogs’ coat regularly. Dog clippers need to provide a suitably high running speed to ensure that the blades can consistently cut the dog hair with minimal risk of injury to the skin.

A1 Grooming have put together a buyers guide  of what we believe are the best dog clippers currently available today. We have covered budget dog clippers through to the very best premium dog clippers. We will talk about the pro’s and cons of each. The best dog clippers for you will depend on what you need them for.

Our top ten

ImageDog ClippersRating:
1. Andis Agc Super 2-Speed Professional Clippers (available in 5 colours)4.5/5
2. Wahl Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Set & Instructional DVD4/5
3. Wahl Pet Clipper Kit SS Pro4.5/5
4. Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper Mains / Rechargeable4/5
5. Wahl Pro Series Lithium dog / pet clipper Kit4/5

6. Andis RACD Pet Clipper4/5
7. Oster Golden A5 2 Speed Clipper4/5
8. Andis Pro-Pet Deluxe Pet Clipper Kit3/5
9. Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Dog Grooming Clipper with Size 10 and 7FC Blades
10. Masterclip Pedigree Pro Professional Dog Clipper Set with 4 Metal Comb Guards4/5

Keep reading to find out more about each of the entries in our top 10!

The difference between dog clippers and human clippers

There are some cases where people have used human clippers on their dog. This is not advised as the motor is not strong enough and runs the risk of pulling the skin into the blades. This can result in cuts to the skin. Also, the blades found on human hair clippers are typically thinner and become clogged and blunt. Again, this adds to the risk of cutting the dogs’ skin.

Cordless dog clippers

The market has seen the development of cordless clippers. A rechargeable battery replaces the cable and allows for more flexibility when using the clippers. There is no need for a power cable when grooming. The trade off is that the rechargeable clippers will be limited to a running time. So, the effectiveness of the motor at work will depend on the percentage of power in the battery. Typically if the battery is at 30%, the motor speed will reduce. This will effect the final finish unless the battery is replaced with a fully charged spare or time is allowed to recharge.


Weight is another point to mention with rechargeable clippers, they will weigh considerably more than corded clippers – for a busy day in the salon grooming, this is another important factor to consider. Perhaps for the enthusiast or pet owner, this may not be a factor to consider – but for a busy groomer, it can be a lot of extra stress on the hands.

Noise and vibration can also be noticed to be different when comparing clippers. Clippers that have a power cable typically sound quieter and produce less vibration than cordless clippers. My theory is that the consistently higher output of the motor means that the blades and vibration are always within the optimum range that can only come from the plugged source. Ideally, for a busy groomer, the investment in two types of clippers is worthwhile, one corded for puppies or dogs who are more nervous, cordless for versatile grooming.


The blades are another requirement to consider. Blades are designed to fit the clippers and are defined by what fitting you have. Some companies make clippers that are suitable for blades with “x Fitting” – this ensures that the blades fit with the clipper to be used.

Blade lengths vary, typically the higher the number of the blade – the shorter the hair is cut. for example for Andis blades, a 40 blade cuts the hair so that there is less than 1mm of length left. Blades will be labeled to show what length the hair is cut to. Please check with the manufacturer to ensure you have the right length.

Together with the dedicated blades, there are products called comb attachments. these comb attachments typically fit one blade and allow for a variety of different lengths to be created – giving a more versatile range of lengths. The bonus of using comb attachments is that they cut the hair from the ends and protect the roots – important if you have an immature coat or damaged coat on the dog you are going to groom.

Blades for the dog clippers can now be found in different materials, in particular, there are now ceramic blades that reduce the heat from the friction that makes the blades hot. These are classed as disposable blades as they are not sharpened. Important if there is a lot of coat to be clipped or the groomer need a longer time to cut.

Now for our top ten best dog clippers – check it out below!

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Top 10 best dog clippers for professional and home groomers

Andis Agc Super 2 speed professional grooming clippers

1. Andis Agc Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clippers – Best all round Dog clippers and is our pick

The Angis Agc Super 2 speed Professional dog clipper is ultra quiet, ergonomic (which reduces your hand fatigue), has excellent power and takes all a5 type blades. It comes with a number 10 blade which leaves 1.6mm of hair.

It has the option of two speeds – 4000  and 330 strokes per minute and they’re available in a range of colours!

Here at A1 Grooming, we run courses to teach dog owners how to groom their own dogs. The angis Agc Professional dog clipper is used and recommended by several of our students. We asked the owner of a Shih Tzu what her experience of these dog clippers are. She had this to say:

” Our Shih Tzu is a rescue dog and doesn’t like strangers (although Tim of A1 Grooming was an exception – she loved him but we live about 60 miles a way and the journey with Cassie wasn’t particularly pleasant) or being transported.

The Angis Agc super dog clippers were bought to groom Cassie at home. Previously, we purchased and used several cheaper models that didn’t really ‘cut the mustard’ (no pun intended ;-). We are happy to report that these dog clippers are fantastic. They glide through her coat with minimal fuss and are ultra silent – causing no nervous reaction from Cassie. These clippers are a real gem!”

As you can see from the above – both Cassie and her owners love these dog clippers.

We rate these as our number 1 clippers on our best dog clippers round up!

2. The Wahl Multi cut dog clipper

The Wahl Multi cut dog clipper is our the most budget friendly on our list – coming in at just under £30.

We would like to point out these these dog clippers are really only suited for smaller dogs that don’t have thick or course hair as they won’t cut a heavier coat very well.

For the price they aren’t very noisy and the instructional DVD is a great addition. The carry case is also a very nice touch. They also come with several attachments.

These dog clippers are easy to use and cut a close shave, the low noise also means they shouldn’t scare or make your dog nervous.

A1 Grooming’s verdict: Great value for money Dog clippers.

3. Wahl Pet Clipper Kit SS Pro

The SS Pro clippers are powerful, quiet and provide quick clipping and are suitable for almost any type of coat. They’re very easy to control meaning they’re comfortable and won’t cause your hand or wrist to ache.

They have a standard cutting length of 0.7mm and also come with three metal comb attachments for lengths of 3mm, 10mm and 16mm.

Very high quality clippers at a great price. They’re very quiet and this is a great bonus for nervous dogs, resulting in minimal fuss or panic!

They will arrive in a nice plastic storage box. Great clippers at a great price.

4. Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper Mains / Rechargeable

This is the first cordless rechargeable dog clipper in our list. The Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper is a versatile dog clipper that delivers up to 45 minutes use on a full charge. It’s important to note that this clipper can also be used when plugged into the mains.

It also ships with an instructional DVD and is stated as “suitable for most types of animal hair”. It comes complete with four attachment combs that are capable of cutting your dogs hair between 2mm and 13mm lengths.
The high quality blades are also rust resistant. This is due to being high carbon steel blades. They are also handy snap on and snap off for easier cleaning.

They’re also a lightweight and low vibration clipper. They come with a nice durable carry case and a two year guarantee. All for less than £50!

The fact that they can be used cordless makes them ideal, if you want to groom your dog outdoors to avoid the mess in doors and 45 minutes usage time should be fine for even the largest of dogs.

5. Wahl Pro Series Lithium dog / pet clipper Kit

Another set of Wahl Clippers! Wahl are extremely popular and well known – they’ve been around decades and continue to produce clippers that are high quality and great value for money. The Wahl Pro series are no different!

They’re corldess and can offer a whopping 2 hours of cordless clipping! You can also use them with the cord, meaning you’ll never run out of charge.

They have an adjustable taper of lengths between 0.8mm and 13mm! They’re ergonomically designed resulting in a comfortable, balanced and easy use whilst clipping.

6. Andis RACD Pet Clipper

The Andis RACD dog clipper is a compact and lightweight clipper. It comes with blades capable of lengths between 1.6mm and 25.4mm (using the included attachment combs).

It has a maintenance free motor and the blades and combs are very easy to change – using the the quick press release button.

The design is an ergonomic one that fits comfortably in either hand.

7. Oster Golden A5 2 Speed Clipper

The Oster 2 speed dog clipper has been popular for several years now and we can understand why. It’s a reliable dog clipper with a variety and range of blades.

It also has a very cool motor meaning it never gets too warm in your hand. The 2 speed motor is capable of 2,220 and 3,200 strokes per minute.

The Oster dog clipper is very well made and will last you a while if it is well looked after and maintained (oil is provided). The lead is also a long one, so will get round any table easily.

We have various customers that have explicitly used these dog clippers on their poodles. They love how the Oster 2 speed dog clipper leaves the coat. They state that they’re very easy to use and they’re not overly noisy and don’t cause bother to their poodles (they’ve even used these clippers on their pet rabbit!).

We think these are a great, durable, high quality pair of dog clippers.

8. Andis Pro-Pet Deluxe Pet Clipper Kit

The Andis pro are a deluxe set of dog clippers perfect for semi-professional dog groomers. They’re a great dog clipper for finer, clean coats and faces, paws and ears.

The clippers come with a number ten blade – excellent for a short and close clipping. They come with 4 attachment combs for 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm lengths.

Operating at 3,000 strokes per minute. It also ships with a durable carry case and weighs in at only 430 grams. These clippers are lightweight and ergonomically friendly to the bones in your hand, fingers and wrist.

9. Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Dog Grooming Clipper with Size 10 and 7FC Blades (Best buy for premium budget)

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Dog Grooming Clipper with Size 10 and 7FC Blades is the premium choice of dog clippers. It is advertised as a deluxe pack and comes with two premium blades – both a number 10 and 7f blade. It is billed as being “designed for professional salon use”.

With a running speed of 4000 and 3300 strokes per minute on the slower setting – this truly is a premium motor. The motor allows a much quicker dog groom.

Matted coats are also easier to clip due to the power and speed of this dog clippers motor. It is very comfortable when held and will keep hand fatigue to an absolute minimum.

You will get an exceptionally smooth cut. The time required to clipper and groom your dog is reduced. They work well on all types of coats including wire coats. These clippers truly are a ‘cut’ above the rest!

Highly recommended by A1 Grooming!

10. Masterclip Pedigree Pro Professional Dog Clipper

Masterclip Pedigree Pro Professional Dog Clipper Set with 4 Metal Comb Guards

The Masterclip Pedigree pro professional dog clipper is a powerful two speed Rotary motor. It has 2 speed settings of 2300 RPM and 2900 RPM. The blade is made from high quality 30F German steel blade and ships with comb guards for lenghts of 6mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm.

Priced at just under £100 – these are a great buy. They have a professional feel. The comb guards are great for use with varying breeds and allow you to choose the suitable for lengths for your dog(s).

On of our students uses these dog clippers for their 6 dogs and they have lasted in excess of one year (so far). They report that they can clip their spaniels with one hour (10 minutes per dog!). They had previously used cheap dog clippers that didn’t last all that long.

Take a look at these dog clippers in action below:

That concludes our roundup of the best dog clippers available today. If you think there are a set that deserve to be on this list – please let us know!