Aggression in dogs


Dealing with aggressive dogs is becoming more common for groomers today.  I myself have been involved with trying to tame the beast on the grooming table on several occasions this week and I must say it is increasing as time goes on.

To state the obvious, there is the risk of being bitten, for us groomers. But there are also huge risks for the dog. Extreme and prolonged aggression will also raise the heart rate and this could lead to fainting, dehydration, over heating, collapse, shock and heart attack.

So what is the reasons for this aggression?

In my opinion diet has been a common factor in aggressive dogs. Either the quality is poor or not suitable for the dog. Quite simply the dog is in an anxious state mainly because it is hungry. Most of my customers who are providing a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) see a more content and confident dog who rarely shows unstable behaviours.

The BARF diet also removes the pungent smell, compared to dogs that are fed on dry & wet commercial foods. There are also the added benefits of reduced flatulence, reduced toilet frequency with the stools are solid and almost odourless, leaner & less bloated appearance, healthier hair and appearance.

Secondly, some dogs may prefer to be handled by either a male or female groomer. So please make an appointment to see how your dog responds to various groomers before deciding. It is very simple, your dog will show you who they are willing to accept.

In some cases there may be underlying patterns of behaviour that require more rehabilitation based training in order to detect and then readjust the response accordingly. This is best done by a qualified behaviourist or trainer
over the time necessary – in some cases months of continuous work.

Here are a few behaviourists local to A1 Grooming

Nikki Brown

Nick Jones


Patience is the key, there is always a reason, finding the reason is the responsible thing to do before subjecting the dog to more anxiety and stress.



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