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December has arrived and for us groomers’ this month will be a hard month as everyone wants their dogs’ looking wonderful for Christmas. AND so they should!

Over the last few weeks I have had more time to do the all so important maintenance of blades and equipment and also to do some reflecting.

As with most of us who are self employed, there is a time when we have to define a methodology – a standard. For me this has always been about the welfare of the dog first and foremost. In some cases the owner asks for something that is not in the best interests of their dogs’ health, to which my reply has always been NO. In some cases a compromise is found and in some cases it is not an option.

As I have always advocated, I do not own any such things as muzzles or restrains, straps etc. I have always believed that with the right approach and patience, these things are just not necessary FOR ME. In some cases the use of a loose collar is required especially when I have volunteers helping and if a dog is extremely fragile – but it doesn’t stay on for longer than a few minutes.

I am grateful to fate that although being based in Fife, I have been able to find Leslie with her business Willow & Plum Soap Co. whom supplies the hand made soaps that replace those commercial branded dog shampoos. Her ethos mirrors my views of less chemicals is better for us all.

My gratitude for another silent hero is to my Web solutions and marketing guru, Tal of UKcreativeweb.com. After almost destroying my business in the summer months due to malware, his efforts, talent and vision has made him a true Hero of A1 Grooming. A heart felt thanks also goes to my customer who passed on the recommendation.

Finally to all my 1500+ customers who have stuck by me throughout the years, whom travel from all over the country and even from abroad. It is you and your dogs that continue to inspire A1 Grooming, I am forever grateful and thankful for the

Privileged to be able to work with your dogs. A simple thank you does not seem to be enough, But for now it will just have to do.

Have a wonderful Christmas and have a great start to 2015.

With gratitude and humble thank you for letting me loose on your dogs!

Tim K





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