Diet -what to feed your dog.


This is still a very open question, indeed the media has us all hyped up with this question.

As a dog owner myself, I have been through the mill of commercial foods such as Royal Canin, Eukanuba, PurinaChappie etc

Eventually I converted to giving my dogs a diet that mimics more what they would eat naturally – a BARF diet.

The hardest realisation is that the high priced, premium commercial foods are not the best suited to my individual dogs health needs.

As I learned more and more about the dog, it seemed that there are perhaps a growing instances of negative behaviour and health due to the diet.

After all it seems that a happy dog is also one that is healthy. So as it is for anyone who has experienced a child with allergies and behavioural issues, diet seems to be a big part of the reason – the management for a more positive way forward.

So what is a BARF Diet? Quite simply it is raw meat and bone. This can be given in its most traditional form of bones and carcases that is crunched up and eaten, to the slightly more processed form where it is minced together with the bone, and served. Again this minced version allows the benefits of having bone in the diet and makes it more easier to portion control. Personally I add things such as vegetables or leftovers in to make it more of a meal.

A great article I am proud to share highlights some key points  – please click and read and even share!   comedinewithus1

A1 Grooming is lucky to have stock of the BARF diet in convenient 1lb packs from as little as £0.65 per bag. 

There are now a growing number of BARF suppliers and stockist, making this a cheaper and healthier way forward. Here are some of my favorites.


Basils Dog Food

Wolf Tucker



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