Dog Reiki Birmingham

dog reiki in birmingham


As it is for us humans there has been a lot of development with understanding the internal energy pathways that are believed, exist in all living things.

There are pathways that provide a connection to all organs and tissues that can become blocked or unbalanced. Very much like blood, these pathways require maintenance and sometimes bringing back into balance.

In eastern belief, energy is either positive or negative, it is not so much that a positive is required but a balance.

This balance is maintained by the efficiency of how it can circulate around the body. With life, influences such as cognitive, emotional and physical can cause an effect.

Symptoms can be seen as both physical and emotional – this is a warning that help is required.

As reiki can help individuals to diagnose and repair, it can also help to maintain. 


In a typical dog reiki Birmingham session, I firstly analyse the state of your dog by cultivating energy into the 7 chakras that exist. This is done with a hands on touch from me. The responses are then determined to see if there is areas of over or under activity.This then forms the basis of what is required for repair. Typically this involves pressure point massage and in some particular cases it may involve sound vibration by means of a tuning fork to a specific sight. None of our dog Reiki Birmingham techniques cause any kind of trauma or pain and changes are usually seen immediately.


  • Dogs that show a pattern of stress based behaviour or trauma / emotional or physical.
  • Dogs with physical injuries either short term or long term.
  • Dogs suffering with anxiety or depression.
  • Dogs with long term illness such as diabetes, stress based skin disorders, digestion disorders.

    • The first dog Reiki Birmingham consultation and diagnosis will take around 1 hour. This is charged at £40.
    • Follow up sessions if required are done as 30 min sessions at £25.
    • Please note that the sessions typically must be done on site and only in special circumstances can this be done at your home if agreed.
Learning to become a dog groomer is now very possible whether or not you want to simply know how to groom your own pets, to work as a professional groomer in a salon or boutique to owning your own business.