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A1 Grooming is a company that makes a difference in grooming services. They never use collars, straps or muzzles during the grooming process. Rather, they use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure the experience is both positive and rewarding.



Cylex 1. How long will the grooming service take?

A1 Grooming: We have a very different approach to grooming and time is not our main priority. Let me explain – because we do not use restraints, neck ties, muzzles or any such devices, we need to spend time developing trust between one another. It would extremely irresponsible to attempt to put something sharp to a dog that shakes or is not in an accepting mode. We achieve this trusting relationship through understanding and communicating with the dog in THEIR way. We show respect and submission when they are uncomfortable, introduce equipment and the activity of grooming as a shared activity – that is done within their limits and not our limits. For us to put time on this depends very much on the unique and individual dog first and foremost. Typically appointments will be done within 3 hours.


Cylex 2. Can the owner stay and watch the pet being groomed?

A1 Grooming: YES, yes, yes! We have an open door policy and also provide courses to help owners become more confident with the daily grooming tasks. Some even groom their dog under our supervision – it’s great for the dog and great for the owner! We are lucky to have lots of our customers travel from all over the UK and also overseas and be a part of the grooming experience together with their dogs. Naturally there is plenty of free tea & coffee too

Cylex 3. How long does the grooming process take?

A1 Grooming: I think this was asked in your first question

Cylex 4. How often should a dog be groomed?

A1 Grooming: Every dog has daily grooming needs, and if these are done correctly with the right equipment etc, then seeing a groomer should really be done when it gets too much to do. Styling and keeping a style for your dog will also dictate when you need to trim the coat. We provide support for all our customers any questions, problems, advice etc we are only a phone call away. Remember your groomer should be the one to help manage the health and welfare of your dog throughout its life, just like a responsible breeder – we should be there to support the owner and their dog.


Cylex 5. Do you take dogs that are elderly, aggressive, or have special needs?

Yes, one could say that this is the main reason why people find us

Cylex 6. What products do you use?

A1 Grooming: Our philosophy is to use as natural products as possible. Specifically this means NO Chemicals. We have handmade Chemical free, organic soaps that replace commercial pet shampoos and conditioners to nourish and protect the dogs coat https://a1grooming.co.uk/whats-in-the-willow-plum-soap/. These are safe even if the dog eats the bar of soap! We also use a lot of aloe vera to help soothe the coat and skin though the various stages of washing drying and styling. Finally we have High quality scents to finish the dog with colognes from CK1 & Joop for the boys, Beyonce & Dolce Gabbana for the girls.

Cylex 7. How are your services unique from other competition companies?

A1 Grooming: Because we are restraint free we are able to positively develop and restore grooming as a positive and rewarding experience to those dogs who have experienced otherwise. We can offer a huge range of styles for your dog and to high standards due to our experience preparing and managing dogs for shows. We regularly post articles on all aspects of dog care on our websitewww.a1grooming.co.uk/news/


For more information visit https://a1grooming.co.uk/ !



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