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A1 dog grooming recommend that it would be safest when your puppy is 15 weeks old to begin the puppy grooming process. Our logic for this is that the puppy has had its 2nd vaccination that typically around 12 weeks and has had a few weeks to make the permanent changes – any symptoms will have typically gone by the 15 week period.

Most of all it is important that your puppy is in the best health before taking them for their first professional groom.

Of course some breeds will have more demands for grooming than others. Take for example a short haired breed such as a Boxer or Bull dog, they will have minimal requirements compared to those breeds such as a Shih Tzu, Yorkshire terrier or Cocker spaniel. The main reason for this is the type of hair / coat they have.

On this basis, coat types typically are defined as one of the following, Silk, smooth, double coat short, double coat long, wool and wire. Grooming techniques are based on these types and styles are various and unique and follow a fashion trend unless it is defined for show requirements.

Introducing the routine of grooming by the owner should start as soon as you get your puppy. The sensation and association of touch from your hands, combs and other necessary equipment should be done in a positive and calm way. This will typically mean giving treats to reward the right reaction from your dog. As a professional groomer, I am still amazed that mature dogs owners still struggle with adverse reactions from their dog when trying to carry out the daily grooming tasks. With patience, a calm approach and the right methods, this can be corrected in a passive and non -threatening way.

Some points about out puppy grooming Birmingham service, that I would like all puppy owners to be aware of are as follows;

  1. A professional grooming service creates a lot more stress for your dog that is used too.
  2. Temperature changes are going to occur due to the nature of washing and drying.
  3. The coat is immature – a puppy coat is not as robust and does not behave like an adult coat
  4. Styling should be done at a minimum. Some breeds will have permanent damage if clipped too early and too frequently such as wire coat breeds.
  5. Chemicals and even puppy shampoo will cause damage to the skin and hairs unless properly diluted.
  6. Over washing will cause more damage than good.
  7. Odour is more to do with diet and not to do with grooming!

Introductions to your chosen professional puppy groomer should in our opinion have the owner there with their puppy throughout the first groom at least. This reduces anxiety and also is a great way to see how your dog copes with the process. It’s an eye opener to say the least.

The first session should not involve heavy drying and long periods of static movement and certainly no cage drying. I would wish that a towel dry is sufficient in most cases and allow the remaining water to naturally evaporate. The dryer can be used at the most gentle setting in order to introduce the sound and sensation for the future.

The activity of grooming should be one that is pleasant and not stressful for the puppy, I do not ever accept muzzles or restraints as equipment that is necessary for grooming personally. A calm and honest patient approach always produces the long lasting positive results.



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