Natural Lavender Soap by Willow & Plum Soap Co.

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Lavender has always been associated with promoting a calm and relaxed state in animals as well as us humans.

If you have a rambunctious dog that needs to understand what calm is, then this is a great way to promote and positively reinforce that calm relaxed state of mind.

This one is fab for the children’s bath time, (can be used as kid’s shampoo too) we have added lavender essential oil which lets the day melt away and gets them ready for jammies and a good night’s sleep. It’s also a fab moisturising bar. Used during the never ending few weeks of late pregnancy, I found this one amazing for helping me to relax. Good for new born babies in their first bath.

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” this is one bar of soap that is always in stock for us here at A1 Grooming  due to its almost immediate calming effects for the over excited and nervous hounds that we see. Indeed it is the bar of choice for owners with young pups that need that calm state to be introduced and positively promoted “

Tim K.

Master Groomer / Owner of A1 Grooming

” our dog is just a bundle of joy – but at the same time he is just a whirlwind of bouncy play all the time he is awake! Our concerns were that he would not be calm enough to be groomed on a regular basis. Our previous experiences involved muzzles and devices to restrain him and it seemed to make him worse. We decided to try A1 Grooming due to their policy of not using restraints and also to see if Tim could truly get our dog in a calm state (an impossibility for us).  We gasped in amazement as within 30 mins of us arriving our boy was almost asleep on the grooming table! The secret was the introduction to Lavender in a soap bar that Tim introduced by smell and then by stroking him with a T-Touch methods. He is now washed and can be calm on request due to this brilliant soap. Amazing, totally amazing! Thank you”

Springer Spaniel & Wire coat Scottish Terrier owner – Mr. & Mrs. Delaney, Nottingham UK


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