Beware of poor groomers

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There are so many horror stories of dogs who have been to a groomer and been damaged both emotionally and physically.

1. Please ask for a qualified groomer and question them about your breed of dog.
2. Research on the internet about your breed groom requirements.
3. Visit the groomer and inspect the premises and see how your dog gets on with them.
4. Never pay in advance. Only on collection.
5. Make sure you quiz the groomer about how they sterilise everything and ensure they have insurance. Only qualified groomers will have valid insurance. Mine is with the Pet Industry Federation UK.

6. On collection please see how your dog is. If their behaviour is clingy then something is wrong. Dogs should be happy excited but most of all confident! Confidence means they have accepted the new area and the handling and experience has not been negative.

IF IN DOUBT – walk away!


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