Aloe Vera & Lime soap by Willow & Plum Soap Co.

aloe Vera and lime ingredients aloe Vera and lime

Aloe Vera & Lime

This is a very special bar! During the manufacturing process we have replaced the water content with 100% natural Aloe vera gel. This remains in the finished product giving you a bar that feels soft and gel like. The natural enzymes and minerals in Aloe provide excellent moisture retention which should keep your skin feeling hydrated all day. That with the added benefits of our recipe and extra Lime essential oil, you will be looking and feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

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Product endorsement from A1 Grooming

we use this soap on dogs that present with sensitive skin, scratching etc. As with all the Willow & Plum soap range, it gives us confidence that the ingredients are natural and have NO chemicals that could harm the dog’s hair & skin.” 

” this soap is so effective at removing dirt and stains (for deep stains we leave the lathered area longer before rinsing) and leaves the coat conditioned and nourished. The stress of drying for the dog is dramatically reduced as drying times are almost halved. Once dry the coat is static free and healthy – allowing scissoring to be done with confidence and ease”

Customer of A1 Grooming

” I have a Shar Pei who has suffered with irritated skin after being regularly groomed and washed in a branded Dog shampoo. I was shown the effects of this shampoo on my dogs coat at first hand by Tim at A1 Grooming. He educated me on the risks of the ingredients found in dog shampoos and advised me on this bar of soap. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it in my days as a dog owner and as a KC registered Breeder for Shar Pei’s. The effectiveness of this soap is simply brilliant. Needless to say I now use this soap on all of my dogs and also recommend this to prospective new owners for our pups. The itching stopped instantly and all I do now is dry wipe my dogs daily to ensure that they don’t suffer with itchy skin. Thank you Willow & Plum and A1 Grooming!”    Mr. Cunningham, West Midlands UK.



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