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Reasons why I chose a top end grooming service

5Q7A0003As with our children, we want what’s best for them, even if sometimes the cost is a little pricey. For my dog, I have realised that it’s not much different. I have found that going cheap does not pay – in fact it just adds more expense. From my personal experiences, I now have three priorities when choosing a groomer and service.

Firstly, it seems obvious to me that the grooming experience can damage dogs in a behavioural way. For instance, have you ever experienced collecting your dog and finding them in a terrified state? Or even worse when you arrive home and your beloved dog starts being aggressive to you and other family members for no reason?

With this in mind, I have become very aware of how other people treat my dog will have a lasting effect. Details such as crates and being in a multi dog environment when being groomed, does not work for my dog. My dog who is the only dog in my family, although good on walks and meeting other dogs, seems to find a multiple dog scenario at the groomer – a real stress out!

In addition, I have also noticed is that my dog accepts a male groomer more than a female. I don’t know why but it seems male groomers are preferred by my dog. I strongly suggest visiting groomers and seeing how your dog reacts to the groomer and visa versa. Perhaps your dog has a preference like mine!

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Secondly, the skill and techniques of the groomer are just as important as the products used. I have in the past, found my dog scratching furiously after a groom. I have taken my dog to the vet only to find a large bill for skin irritation due to infection and burned hair.

I can only make the logical connection that some of the grooming processes can be harsh for the dog. I imagine all the combing, washing, products used and the drying under hot air. All of which must give the dog irritation. There are many articles about the effects of over grooming (washing and drying) your dog.

In addition I have also found articles that explain the damage that chemicals, parabens and palm derived products cause to the skin and hair. I remember having to take my dog for another trip to the vet after she had been eating the dog shampoo – only to have her stay overnight and be treated for poisoning! I now have to consider if it does this much damage on the inside, then what can it do for the outside of the dog!


Thirdly, comes the finish of the dog. For me this is not so important. I would much prefer having a healthy, well balanced and happy dog! As long as she is presentable and manageable from a daily cleaning routine, I am happy.

I am fortunate that I have found a groomer who fits my dogs’ needs as well as mine. It does mean that we have to travel for a few hours each way, but this is a small sacrifice to make when you see the greeting my dog gives him. She flies into his arms and is given such a warm welcome! I also get to be with my dog throughout the groom.

It does pay to find the RIGHT groomer for your dog – don’t settle for a standard service as this always leads to more expense and disappointment. Quality does cost – but then you have peace of mind that you won’t have any vet surprises, but most importantly your dog is healthy and happy!



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