Beware of poor groomers

There are so many horror stories of dogs who have been to a groomer and been damaged both emotionally and physically. 1. Please ask for a qualified groomer and question them about your breed of dog. 2. Research on the internet about your breed groom requirements. 3. Visit the groomer and inspect the premises and […]

Teddy bear style Shih Tzu

A shih tzu with a teddy bear style – weighted scissored legs with rounded feet, short clipped body and neck. Rounded face and tipped ears. The heavier scissored legs will sway when he walks making his movements softer and more graceful. Will need combing on a daily basis to make sure tangles are removed.

Border Terror – to Border terrier!

Hand Strip all of the coat – no cutting the wire coat by scissors or clippers! If cut the wire hairs will permanently be lost and wont grow back. Typically it takes 3-4 trims with the cillpers to completely kill all the wire hairs. By doing this, the coat will become faded and loose all […]